In all honesty I never liked jogging when I was younger, and I always tried to avoid it. But when I started training with my personal trainer he insisted that I train myself to jog and maybe run eventually. To make a long story short it took me good six months before I could actually start enjoying jogging. Now I can’t imagine my life without my daily routine of fresh air and all the great benefits that come with it. It is a really great way to start your day, get energized and speed up your metabolism.

I love waking up on Sunday morning and finally not being rushed. Take my time getting dressed. Getting out into the fresh, sunny street, snow flakes falling on my nose as I turn on upbeat music and just run.  I have to admit that it does help very much having my partner beside me. As we run together we feel the connection that motivates and pushes us both. We kind of feed of each other’s energy. When the run is over I feel invigorating, full of energy and a sense of accomplishment. After quick shower we have an amazing breakfast smoothie made up of frozen fruit, soy milk, fish oil, flax seeds, chia seeds, protein powder, wheat germ and acidophiles. What a boost! Now I’m ready to tackle the rest of the day and plan the week ahead.

Few safety tips to consider though before jogging in the winter time:

  • Make sure to properly cover yourself up – wear a hat, gloves, sweat shirt, jacket, socks, sweat pants and running shoes. Proper running footwear is a must to avoid bad fall that could lead to serious injuries, therefore check out this article for winter footwear advice:
I also recommend:

  • Moisturize your skin and lips against cold and wind.
  • Wear sunglasses on a sunny or windy days to protect your eyes.
  • Drink water before you leave the house.
  • Start with a fast walk for a warm up, and then when you are ready – progress to jogging.
  • Breath in through your nose, breath out through your mouth.
  • Start with 20 minutes in total and then slowly progress to longer time day after day.
  • Do not stay out too long in below freezing temperatures.

Have fun!

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