Just few decades ago only some people were involved in resistance training. Those were mostly bodybuilders and athletes. The rest of us used muscles otherwise – playing games, doing home duties, walking, gardening, or physical jobs.

Most of the jobs today are in comfortable chairs. We don’t move much at home either. We also stopped going out because we have large screen TVs and computers. We limited our conversations with each other by email, text messaging and at best by phone. Phones have gotten so sophisticated these days that we are able see each other live when talking. Why bother going somewhere when you can do it “right on the spot”.

Our brain always tries to find easier solutions. But what about muscles? They also have a purpose. Don’t they?

The more I watch technology developing, the more I get inclined into thinking that maybe those producers of kids movie “Wall E” somehow envisioned our future, and one day we all will be fat and lazy and wouldn’t have to get out of our chairs at all.

Or maybe not all?!…because there will always be some of those who will always want to look and feel good.

Muscles provide us life. They are not only for beauty and strength, but also for everything else that makes us live.  Well developed muscles help to stay in good health and they actively help our organs and systems. Muscles are tightly connected with work of our heart. They are often called a second heart. If muscles don’t work enough, heart has to do double work overloading itself.  Resting heart rate of those who exercise regularly is lower. This means that their hearts don’t have to work as hard since muscles are taking over part of that work.

Research conducted a century ago demonstrates the absolute vitality for us to move our muscles: healthy men between 20 to 28 years old were put in casts below their waist, and for seven weeks were not able to move their lower bodies. Researchers have noticed that with loss of physical activity men started to develop some serious health conditions including heart problems. As soon as casts were removed and men could move again, all their health problems have disappeared.

Well developed abdominal muscles circulate blood around the digestion helping organs to stay healthy.

If we don’t use our muscles, they get smaller, blood circulation gets worse, and capillaries narrow. Muscles then get flabby and eventually atrophy leading to degenerative diseases.

Regular weight resistance exercise enhances blood circulation widening the capillaries. Muscle tension during weight bearing exercises is also the best way to enhance bone growth and stop bone loss, because bone is also a living tissue. It reacts to such exercises by becoming stronger and denser. Well developed muscles provide good appearance and, as a result, also provide self-confidence.

by Alexander Babinets and Luba Grup
from the book “Prevail Over Yourself” (available for sale at the club)

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