“I joined Express Fitness in January 2013. I was looking at some pictures from a recent family vacation. I did not like what I saw and what I have done to my body. I allowed myself to gain a horrific amount of weight. I was at my all time high, weighing 250 pounds. My weight gain was from my bad eating habits and no exercise whatsoever. I was always tired with no energy, I did not feel confident and felt very uncomfortable.

Over the time frame of 7 months, I lost 65 pounds. It was tough in the beginning, being unfamiliar with many different exercises and feeling uncomfortable with the initial muscle pains. With drive, determination, healthier food choices, and the motivation from everyone at the gym, I made it happen.

Today I have more energy, I feel more confident, and I feel great about myself.

Thank you Express Fitness for your motivation.”


“I started the journey to a healthy lifestyle at the beginning of the year and thanks to the staff at Express Fitness and the state of the art equipment I have lost over 60 pounds and have no desire looking back.

I am living proof that if I can eat healthy and incorporate daily exercises to my routine, anybody can do it. Whether you are looking to lose or gain weight, add muscle or simply get into shape, there is no reason not  to make the decision and reach your goal. I had a high cholesterol going into this and 40 weeks later, the cholesterol is low with no medication. For the first time as long as I can remember, my waist is a 34 and wear slim fit clothing.

Don’t wait, start your new life today. You can do it! Thank You Express Fitness!”

John Petropoulos

“After 2 children, back issues and being overweight most of my life, I made the decision to make an appointment with Express Fitness… After the appointment with Luba Grup, I joined right away. I’m in my late 20′s and until joining Express Fitness, I was obese, unhappy, and lazy.

I joined in March 2013 and it has been the best decision I have ever made. Everyone is so friendly, so easy to get along with and are so welcoming. The gym is full of amazing high-end equipment, and has amazing classes for all ages, and fitness levels. They have an all women’s gym room, so even those who aren’t comfortable working out in front of men, can feel comfortable knowing it’s just women there, trying for the same goal. Their Zumba classes have changed my life.

I have visited other Gyms, and they couldn’t come close in comparison to Express Fitness. In 4 months, I have lost 43 lbs, mainly doing Zumba with Laura & Stephanie (Zumba instructors). Make a life changing decision, and come visit Express Fitness. You won’t regret it!”

Debrah Mullett, member since March 2013

“I compete in bodybuilding on a professional level, so for me, the atmosphere where I work out is crucial, because every rep counts when you’re up for results. Express Fitness provides that atmosphere for me, and what I like the most is that no matter at level of fitness you are, we are all at the same level. We encourage each other to reach our own goals and it just feels right every time. It’s fun and motivating.

Joe Nunnari


“I’ve been a big guy all of my life. But over the last two years, my weight reached the highest it’s ever been, just shy of 300 lbs. After years of letting myself get bigger and bigger, I knew that I couldn’t continue along that path. Coincidentally, Express Fitness was opening right around the corner from my house.

I called and went in for an appointment, where I was shown all around the facility. Alex and Luba, the owners of Express Fitness, were kind to me from the start. They were extremely supportive and willing to answer any and all of my questions. They even put me on a program until I was able to meet with one of their trainers.

Before joining the gym, I tried to work out at home, but couldn’t stay motivated. My elliptical machine sat in a corner, only to collect dust. Joining the gym, with the constant support of all of the staff and even some of the other patrons, motivated me to keep going. Believe it or not, I now get excited about going to the gym, which has become a lifestyle. I leave after each of my visits, with a smile on my face.

I can’t say enough about my experience there. 1 year after joining, I am proud to say that with everybody’s help, support, and my hard work, I’ve now lost 90 lbs, and am well on the way to reaching my goal. I also would like to give a shout out to all the personal trainers who have helped me so much this past year, I love you all! Thank you so much!

Thank you again Luba and Alex.

With much gratitude, Dave Duncan

“I’ve been working out for 14 yrs and this is the best gym I’ve ever worked out at love the hi density equipment I get the best work out. The owners and atmosphere are very friendly. I look forward to coming here 5 days a week.”

Carmen Mancini, member since June, 2012

“We both work as Re/Max agents which at times can be very stressful. We find a regular gym schedule keeps us fit and helps us maintain our sanity. During the last 15 years this is our 3rd gym. The good news is it is by far the best. After an hour on the treadmill you may feel ready to die. But that’s o.k. With the television country music video channel available on the treadmill you may feel you are already in heaven.”

Gemma & Gary Barclay
Re/Max Sales Representatives, members since September, 2012

“I was skinny and weak with no vision of what I wanted to do. I saw the flyer for Express Fitness and took that as a sign to change who I was. I began working out as an immature kid but with hard work and discipline I became a stronger version of myself. Not only did I gain muscle, I gained friends and along with friends came a vast amount of knowledge. I am stronger, healthier and smarter because of the gym.


antonio lawer

“My name is Antonio Roberto DI Donato and this is my true story. I’m 47 years old, I was a diabetic for 3 years until last week, I was on 8 different kind of medication, starting from diabetes, blood pressure to high cholesterol. I am no longer on my medication thanks to Express Fitness and Dr. Phoon. Through eating properly and exercising I lost 17 pounds in 5 weeks and no longer on my meds. I feel like a 20 year old. It’s incredible and I owe this to Luba and Alex and my Doctor, and of course my great wife Laura, my son Stefano, and my daughter Alessia DI Donato, who have been my inspiration !! Thanks to all of you and Express Fitness and GOD bless all of you and your families.”

Yours truly,
Antonio R DI Donato

“Express Fitness is a great gym that has changed my life. It is a great atmosphere. Express Fitness has the best trainers in Vaughan and very friendly staff. I would recommend this gym to everyone in Woodbridge, Maple and Vaughan. The equipment is all brand new and the facility is always clean. It is a 24 hour gym and this is very convenient for me. There is also a women’s only gym that my girlfriend is able to use. The daycare centre is also very safe and clean. The staff make me feel like I am at home and I would rate this gym 10/10.”

Ashur Odisho

“After being in college for 4 years I didn’t really have the time or energy to spend at the gym. I had a poor diet – eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted – sometimes eating nothing at all. The days that I would eat unhealthy or the nights that I would go out, I would always tell myself I can “work it off” by spending 3 hours at the gym the next day. Little did I know that it DIDN’T work that way. When I was coming to the end of my schooling, I promised myself that when I had a full-time job in my field, I would refocus myself on achieving the fitness goals I wanted.

When I moved to Woodbridge and saw the sign at Express Fitness, I had to try it out. I ended up training for a month or two on my own, and after talking to one of the Personal Trainers there; I decided it was time for me to have one. He and Express Fitness have forever changed my life. I lost 25 lbs. in less than 4 months and have changed my body completely. People always come up to me and mistaken me for a Personal Trainer or a Competitor. It feels amazing to know that I look this great and that other people have noticed the changes too. Not only does my body look great but my energy levels and self-esteem have improved tremendously! This really has changed my life!

From the four months of personal training I received, I have learned so much about diet, exercise and how to maintain the body I want. 100% diet, 100% training, 100% rest. Even after my training had finished, my Trainer was still there for support and guidance whenever I needed and still is! :)

The staffs at Express Fitness are also very helpful and welcoming. The gym is an excellent size and has an open concept layout that offers all the equipment needed for training, cardio and more. They also have a ‘Women’s Only’ section that is very well kept and clean. The sauna and shower area are very private and clean which make it comfortable for clients to use and get ready in. I would highly recommend Express Fitness to anyone who is serious about changing their fitness goals and needs to better improve their lives and future. Thanks Express!”

Megan Barclay

“I have been a member of various diferent gyms. Gold’s Gym, Good Life, Anytime Fitness, Premier, etc. I can honestly say that Express Fitness has been the best gym I have ever been too. Clean, friendly, stacked up, amazing experience by far. Huge high five to all involved with Express Fitness. I am very happy to be here. Thank you.”

Vitor Almeida

“I joined Express Fitness in Oct/12. I have truly enjoyed myself over this past year. The staff, members and atmosphere is been simply amazing. Even Fred the cleaner who I talk to every morning does an amazing job. The equipment is state of the art up to date equipment. There are classes for all ages, the variety is great along with the instructors. They offer Zumba, Yoga, Spinning classes, and kick boxing classes to come. Once you join you won’t turn back. Look good feeling good. So take a shot, go in and speak to Luba, Alex or the friendly staff. You won’t be disappointed.”

Tony Carello

“I’ve been going to Express Fitness for over a year now and it is definitely one of the best gyms I ever trained in. It is very spacious and well ventilated, so the air is never stuffy. The equipment is brand new and modern. They have really invested into the number and quality of their machines. I never had to wait for any cardio equipment or “sign up” like you do in some of the other gyms.

Additionally, cardio equipment has a great entertainment system where you get to choose what to watch: TV shows, scenic routes, music videos, etc., as well as creating your own customized Play List. This little feature makes my training go by faster, less of a workout and more of a fun enjoyable experience.

The facilities are also very clean and well maintained, it is a pleasure to take a shower there or go to the sauna. In fact, you can go from the Women’s Only gym straight to the sauna without leaving the change room! I also like that it’s open 24/7 and on holidays. Sometimes I can only find the time to come in late at night or on a long-weekend, so it is very convenient that I have access whenever my schedule permits and/or whenever my mood strikes. :)

There are plenty of group fitness classes to choose from and the schedule is very flexible as well. My favourites so far are Cycling and Zumba, so much fun! Earlier this year I bought 20 sessions with a personal trainer and was not disappointed. Not only did he get me back into shape, he taught me some valuable training skills and kept me motivated to continue in the same spirit.

I’m definitely going to get some more sessions later this year. Overall, this is a great spacious gym with state-of-the-art equipment, clean facilities and very friendly staff. I would definitely recommend it to friends.”

Ally Blue

“Joining Express Fitness I have found them to be well equipped with all my workout needs. The staff and management have provided me with a great friendly atmosphere and I am totally satisfied with everything they have and provide. Keep up the good!”

Sandra Vella

“Express Fitness was a first gym in my life that I went to. It’s a great place to be – there is lots of nice equipment, and many nice people working there. I have made a lot of progress since I’ve been there for the past year.”

Niruyan Rajendran

“Great gym with a large variety of equipment. Very friendly staff. Open 24/7, very convenient. Very cheap gym membership prices. Nice, clean environment with brand new equipment. One of the best gyms in the city.”

Sumair Abid